RGB RF Touch Wheel Controller with DIGITAL LED strip via AnalogRead on Arduino

I have recently purchased this: RF Touch Wheel Controller for Analog RGB LED (https://www.adafruit.com/products/678)

I would like to use it as a wireless colorwheel as input for another Arduino project that controls LED Pixels that needs to be clocked by an Arduino or something. Ex: https://www.adafruit.com/products/683

OK, so I kind of figured out something really messy which seems to be somewhat what I wanted and working.

I Took the controller box and looked for the points which control the output of the unit and I got a nice PWM 0-3V reference point from + to GND. I have then passed each of the RGB channels through a low-pass filter so the values on the Arduino are not that noisy.

AnalogRead on arduino without low pass filter: ranges randomly around the correct value with 140-180 because of PWM.
AnalogRead on arduino with the low pass filter: ranges randomly around the correct value with 3-5.

The filter is not perfect, but it works as a cheap solution to lower the ripple?(not sure how it’s called) caused by PWM.

Here is the result: The touchwheel’s output is used with Arduino’s analog read to get the RGB value and then do other stuff with the pixels on the Arduino based on this RGB value. (like Color-fades, FFT etc but with the picked color from the wheel)

Convert PWM to Voltage with a cheap Low pass filter tutorial: http://provideyourown.com/2011/analogwrite-convert-pwm-to-voltage/




– low voltage PWM output points as source current –

– 3 LOW Pass filters –

– remote and LED Pixels –

I use 15k and 10uF for the filters. Here are some outputs simulated with http://sim.okawa-denshi.jp/en/PWMtool.php

– without low pass filter –

– with low pass filter –