Been busy building my new library: SimpleFaces for PHP

I have been inactive on my blog for a long time. In this time I have managed to screw up 4 Xbox360-s  with reflowing..I will give up fixing xboxes for now..

In all this time, I have been working on my new library which will definitely help out development for web applications. Soon I will post more info about the matter, but for now development is ongoing..

PHP SimpleFaces is an ajax framework built for PHP. It allows users to define interfaces via XML in a very similar manor to modern UI builders. The cool thing is that you can bind classes and methods to events on your frontend controls and you get to handle them in PHP. Although this seems like something that was done before by other libraries, in SimpleFaces you get to control all the frontend UI elements directly from within PHP.

There are some demos available on the site as well an early video showing off the features. Hopefully I will release a public version in January 2010.

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